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Team Coaching

Is your team facing a difficult project? Cooperation between multiple teams is proving to be a headache? Are your retrospectives getting to be boring? I can coach you for better cooperation, learning and positivity!

Learn faster with better Retrospectives!

This is my biggest passion! So few teams do retrospectives well, I love to help teams learn how it is not at all difficult to make regular retrospective meetings easy and fun!

Product Owner 1-on-1 Coaching

Even an experienced Product Owner will benefit from 1-on-1 coaching sessions! We can meet face to face or over video – helping you in your day to day challenges as well as assisting you to choose the right learning resources for achieving your individual excellence is what 1-on-1 coaching is all about!


Better meetings with good facilitation skills

Meeting skills are needed in every work these days. I can help you or your team to learn how to make your meetings more fun and more efficient. Facilitation skills are something that will benefit you in whatever work you decide to do in the future!

Agile Training

If you are just starting Scrum or Kanban – an experienced coach can be an invaluable resource. I guarantee that your agile transformation will be faster and much more painless!

Play to win! Learn with board games

I have been using two board games to teach agile concepts for Scrum teams and product management professionals – getKanban v 5.0 and Playing Lean 2.0.

My Approach

My personal philosophy is that coming to work every single day should feel good. The one thing that achieves that is learning new things and feeling of purpose. We must get you and everyone in your team and organization to feel this way. The purpose is a shared target that you all believe in. And you must learn new things and better ways of working. One of my passions is teaching teams to be better at retrospectives.

Smile and learn new things! Let me help you!



Where I work right now

Twenty years of anything is a long time. I toyed with the idea of “turning trainer” for a few years, and when I decided to make the jump from “doing it” to “I will tell you how it is done” – I chose to work with Contribyte

Why? Because at Contribyte, we work in an agile, self-organized way. There are no bosses (or rather, the bosses work like the rest of us grunts, only harder). We are encouraged to develop our own skills, everything is transparent and open, and I get to work with highly experienced and skilled colleagues and great customers!